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Digital marketing is gaining importance day by day, hence generating huge number of vacancies in the same sector. Marketing of products or services via digital means or techniques which is mostly done on internet but also consist of mobile phones and other digital mediums.Digital marketing analysts are responsible for managing online marketing strategy to increase the profit of the organization.Digital marketing is a thriving industry in Iraq Which is experiencing rapid growth as compared to traditional marketing, thus increasing jobs in Iraq for the job seekers.

Benefits of Digitization

With the passage of time,traditional marketing strategies have failed to establish its presence as expenditure was more and the profits generated by them was less. Reason being they couldn’t reach out the entire targeted audience. Improvisation of science and technologies has gained importance and has helped digital marketing to make its presence at low cost and returning maximum benefit to the business.


They devise strategies or methods to bring more online traffic to the company. They track conversion rates and make improvements to the website. Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns are done by the digital marketers. They usea wide range of techniques which includes paid search, SEO and PPC.

Types of field in which you can make career
  • Social media - it involves the use of social media platforms to promote a product or service.Companies guide via social media marketing strategy in which they include current and potential customers, employees, journalists, bloggers, and general public. Some social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc
  • Display advertising- it involves displaying of promotional messages to the customers on the internet.The method can target specific audience bringing in from different types of locals to view a particular advertisement. This method can be found as the most productive element to give effective and positive results
  • Email marketing- this method is considered cheap as compared to the others method. It is one of the fastest ways to communicate rapidly by a message.For example, their value proposition to existing or potential customers. 
  • Avoid manual sending of emails: email drip campaigns is the solution for you. With the help of drip emails, all the emails will be sent automatically according to the set schedule and you will save time.
  • Search engine marketing- it is a form of Internet marketing which involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages which is primarily through paid advertising. They may incorporate search engine optimization (SEO), which adjusts or rewrites website content and site layout to get a higher ranking in search engine results pages to enhance pay per click (PPC) listings.
Apart from this,there are other marketing methods like affiliate marketing, social networking, game advertising, online PR and many more which offers jobs in Iraq to large number of candidates.
How to apply for jobs?

You need to register for free to the leading job portal in Iraq which includes Monstergulf. it can help you in getting jobs as per your choice. After that you need to complete your profile by adding your skills, education and experience if any. Then after that start your job search, and land yourself in a reputed company.

Doing jobs in Iraq has numerous benefits like tax free income, accommodation facility covered by the employers and many more.

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