Monday, February 11, 2019

Hair care during pregnancy

There is a surge of hormones in the body when one is pregnant. During that phase some face thickening of hair while some face rapid falling of hair. There is a rise of oestrogen in the body when one is pregnant and it can stimulate the hair growth in the phase of pregnancy. That is why; many women feel that they have lustrous hair than before. Then the hair fall starts during the post delivery phase.
Here are some important hair care tips during pregnancy which one can follow during that phase.

Oil Massage

This is said to be the best home remedy for hair fall. One can go for a good oil massage for at least twice or thrice a week and then gently do it on the scalp by using the finger tips. One can use sesame oil or coconut oil or olive oil for such message. In fact, if one wants they can add some essential oils as well like rosemary, chamomile or lavender. This can bring the lost shine in hair and make it soft and lustrous.

Choose a proper Shampoo and Conditioner

Taking care of hair means one has to go fir a good shampoo and a conditioner. If the shampoo has right ingredients then it can not only clean the scalp but will also make an improvement in hair growth. It can also control dandruff issues if necessary. One needs to pick a shampoo depending on their hair type and pick shampoos which have natural ingredients like aloe vera, argan oil, jojoba or avocado buy bio oil. Also one needs to pick a good conditioner which can nourish and soften the hair. It also smoothens the hair if necessary.

 Avoid Chemical Treatments and Colouring

When one is pregnant it is a good idea to avoid any kind of colour and chemical treatments on hair. This can be absorbed by the scalp and then get passed to the baby who is growing inside. This may cause some allergic reactions. So, one should stay away from it when one is pregnant.

Trim the Ends regularly

This is also very important. One should get rid of the rough edges and the split ends at a regular interval. So removing that will help the hair to grow without any obstacles and in a healthy way.

Do not Comb when wet

Wet hair is the weakest hair and one should never forget that.  It is always at the brisk of breaking off and so one should not use a comb when the hair is wet. Let it dry in natural air and then comb it gently.

Know your Hair and Scalp type

When one is buying a shampoo and a conditioner one needs to know the type of hair they have, and according to that they need to buy things. One needs to check if their scalp is dry, normal or oily before buying any kind of hair care products.

One can use shampoo ketomac if they are facing dandruff issues during pregnancy.

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