Friday, March 22, 2019

How Important Education Really is?

From a small age when we are not aware of the importance of any significant issue to our life, parents and teachers teach us how important it is to be literate and educated. The will give you an explanation of how important education is.

During schooling, we realize that education is important for every individual and that it is even guaranteed by laws and the Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international documents.

We understand that education not only gives us knowledge from different fields and sciences, but also the opportunity to gain experience in what we are interested in, build ourselves as personalities, and to acquire the necessary skills so that we can perform various tasks and thus contribute and make the world a better place to live.

During schooling, we are practically convinced that education is very important. That is why we begin to make our own decisions concerning the desire and the need for education. We begin to socialize with people who share similar thoughts, start training the sport for which we are talented, choose extracurricular activities that interest us, decide to become excellent students, enroll in secondary school we want, graduate from college, further educate ourselves, accept the concept of "lifelong learning "etc. 

The fact is that education is an essential part of all social activities.

However, in order to properly answer the question of why education is so important, it needs to be properly defined. In the narrower sense, education can be defined as a process of acquiring knowledge, building skills and habits, developing abilities, adopting a system of values ​​and rules of behavior. In a broader sense, education is a continuous process that takes place throughout life and consists of constant permeation of formal and informal, individual and general, spiritual and material.

Education is the only true engine for the advancement and survival of civilization. 

Educated people are able not only to contribute, but also to be the drivers of all social activities. As a rule, only a man with the right education becomes a useful member of society. Anyone involved in the education process (student, parent, professor, student, mentor) participates in the creation of a predominant "climate" within the scope of their activities.

On the other hand, society has always mirrored the prevailing nature of the institutions that make it. In this regard, each individual harmonizes his action with the imaginary education idea and thus builds a picture of his better future.

In order to ensure a quality future for the young, what they deserve, no one should be indifferent to education. Education is also important because it represents a channel through which young people experience the entire complex society has been transferred. In this connection, education is the basis of man's acquisition, expansion and enrichment of experience, individual growth and development, and the acquisition of various skills.
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