Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Werner Boehm- The man behind online blackmail and crimes

Most rich men end up in scams and fraudulent activities often. Similarly, Werner Boehm is a usual millionaire who is in news since 2017 for various scamming and blackmailing. If you do not know who this Werner Boehm is, then here is a slight introduction. He was the Chief Executive Officer of the blockchain bitcoin company based in Toronto.  But after he released fake and unauthorized press releases, the company had taken actions against him. It is said that he betrayed his friends and shareholders which caused the company to file a lawsuit against him.

 Cancellation of Shares at BitRush

BitRush is the cryptocurrency company where Werner Boehmwas deployed from the position as Chief Executive Officer. The company publicly traded at Canadian Stock Exchange where he could connect with shareholders and scammed their money. During the company’s board meeting in December 2016, after finding all the investigations and reports, he was terminated from his position and from the company. They also clarified about the inaccurate news spread through the company’s website as false allegations. Still then, he is considered as the CEO of many other companies mainly in Austria with his shares.

People fell for false allegations

Werner Boehm fake posts across the digital media have been trusted and got betrayed by multiple fake blackmailing attempts. It is said that organized gangs are used to send these blackmailed and fake messages to many people. Many men have fallen victims for online blackmailing campaigns by Werner Boehm. Many men have witnessed that in a message, they sent a link to an article where his fraudulent are exposed. If they did not give money, then they claim that they will reveal more publishing if they were not paid more money.

It is said that Werner Boehm maintained a partnership with two other people named Alfred and Elfried. The allegations or any complaint taken against Boehm is somehow controlled by these two men. Still, there are many companies registered under his name across the world by which he controls and releases much fake publishing. He has been denying the allegations by the stakeholders who lost their money and diverting the case to other men. It is said that he also started a cryptocurrency business with a few people from BitRush. This was an idea by Werner Boehm in order to escape the lawsuit filed against him with support from Vienna firm. But all went vain and his idea got failed.

This is not the end

BitRush is taking many actions in order to expose the fraudulent behavior of Werner Boehm. It is expected that the company will seek proceedings against him and his three partners to serve time in jail. Every company held under the name of Werner Boehm is eagerly looking forward to making him pay for what he had done. It is expected that sooner he is going to suffer from severe court proceedings and punishment by various affected stakeholders and companies.

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