Monday, March 25, 2019

What You Need to Know About Chevrolet Warranty

If you are a Chevrolet owner, you must be assured of the details of warranty they provide. But if you are planning to buy a new vehicle and have not yet decided the brand or the model to find the best model that can serve all your purposes while sitting right within your budget of both buying and owning costs, a look at this brief account on Chevrolet Warranty can help you take a decision soon.

Here at the Smithfield Chevrolet dealer, when we enquired about the warranty coverage, they handed us over a bunch of papers on the several warranty packages, and on top that it was written, “we got you covered”.

Somehow those words inspired us to know more about the warranty offerings and the staff there guided us well answering all our doubts and queries that we are sharing below:

Limited Warranty on Bumper-to-Bumper

The bumper to bumper warranty coverage offered by Chevrolet stands for the first 3 years or traveling more than 36,000 miles, applied to whichever comes first. This warranty includes no deductible, for the eligible repairs done due to the defects of material or workmanship, within the span of the warranty.

Chevrolet assures its consumers about its commitment that works towards making the new buyer be totally satisfied on the purchase of his new Chevrolet vehicle.

Each Chevrolet dealer also invites its consumers to return to them for all their service needs, both within and after they cross the warranty period.

Warranty on the Limited Powertrain

For the new Chevrolet vehicles of 2018 year models and later, the warranty coverage for the powertrain is for the first 5 years from the date of purchase or 60,000 miles, that becomes applicable to whichever comes first.

For the qualified commercial fleet or government vehicles that are purchased after 2018 are now covered for 5 years from the date of purchase or for crossing 100,000 miles and is applicable to whichever comes first.

Limited Warranty for the Emission Control System

To address the defects in performance for a luxury car or for the light-duty trucks, the emission control systems warranty covers the vehicles for the first 2 years from the day it was purchased or for the vehicle driving 24,000 miles.

The major components specified under this warranty coverage works till the first 8 years of purchase or after crossing 80,000 miles, whatever reaches the limit first. The light duty trucks that are equipped with the heavy-duty 6.6L Duramax Diesel Engines too, get covered under this warranty that counts the first 5 years of ownership or the odometer reading 50,000 miles, the one that comes first.

Protection Plans from Chevrolet

Chevrolet Protection plans are to provide enough confidence and comfort to the consumers to enhance theirownership experience with Chevrolet. It covers Tire and Wheel Protection, GAP coverage and even more.

At the Smithfield Chevrolet dealer, we were thoroughly explained about the terms and conditions for each of these warranties offered by the brand name Chevrolet.

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