Wednesday, April 17, 2019

How does a wedding of Christian religion take place?

There are a number of rituals that take place in a Christian wedding. Some of the rituals are mentioned below with a short description of them. Let’s see the rituals that make the wedding beautiful and full of fun and enjoyment.

1.      Matchmaking: This is the starting ritual of the Christian wedding. in this ritual, both the family members of boy and girl gather to make the matches. This is a ritual in which matches are made by seeing the stars of the boy and girl. This is one of the most important rituals that take place in the wedding of Christian culture. Elite matchmaking consultant sare the best for making matches.

2.      Engagement: In this ritual, all the family members gather in a nearby church. Therefore, the bride and groom to be offer rings to each other. This is again the most important ritual of the Christian wedding. After, the engagement ceremony is over all the family members sing carols and do their prayers to thank the god.

3.      Showering of the bride: In this ritual, all the female members gather at the female’s house and shower her with so many gifts, money, dresses. In the mother-in-law of the bride is also invited to celebrate this ritual. Showering of the bride is done by only female members, no male member is involved in this ritual.

4.      Bachelor’s party: This is a party given by friends to the groom. This party includes only the male members and take place in a nearby club or resort. All the boys enjoy a lot. The main motive to celebrate this party is to celebrate the last day before the wedding ceremony. The Bachelor Party is followed by the roce ceremony.

5.      Roce ceremony: This is a ritual in which both the bride and groom are applied with oil on their bodies. All the family members, friends and relatives gather and then pour oil on the bodies of the bride and groom to be. Then the oil is followed by coconut milk, coconut oil, Roce and many other things. This ritual is known by different names in different parts of the world.

After this ritual, the wedding takes place. In a Christian wedding, the bride and groom are asked if they consider each other as their husband and wife or not. If they say yes, then the marriage is complete. Elite premium matrimonial services will help people to find bride and groom according to their choices.

6.      Goodbye to the bride: After, the wedding is over the bride is sent to her new house in a car decorated with flowers and other things. This is a ritual that takes place in almost all the wedding. This ritual is followed by the welcoming of the bride.

7.      Welcome of bride: The bride is welcomed to her new house by her in-laws. During the welcome, all the family members gift her so many things such as money, jewelry, clothes etc. to welcome her.

8.      Reception: This is an after-wedding party given from the side of the groom to all their relatives and friends.

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