Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Remember The Alamo During Your Trip to San Antonio

If you are planning a trip to San Antonio, TX, then there are many great places to remember the Alamo. Originally fought from February 23 – March 6, 1836, the 13-day siege for this Texas landmark ended with the Mexican troops reclaiming the Alamo Mission from the Texas Republic. The bravery of the men who stood against great odds before finally being defeated led many to join the Texas Army,which eventually defeated the Mexican troops at the Battle of San Jacinto. If you’re going to San Antonio, you should learn more about this pivotal time in history – both for Texas and the larger United States.

Visit The Alamo

The Alamo, which has been designated as the official Texas State Shrine, was originally constructed from 1755 to 1793. You can walk through the Shrine, which is filled with important memorabilia surrounding the events that happened during the siege. Then, make your way to the Long Barracks, the Alamo Hall, and other structures on the ground. Attend one of the regularly-scheduled informative talks held in the courtyard area to grasp a better understanding of what happened during those 13 days.

Go on the Mission Trail

The Alamo is part of a series of six Catholic Missions in the city that were constructed by priests from Spain during the 18th century. You can see all these churches by following the Mission Trail, which can be accessed by bike or on foot. You can also drive to the various churches. Each one is unique, so you will want to visit them all to get a better understanding of what the city of San Antonio looked like during its infancy.

Take a Ghost Tour

You do not have to believe in ghosts to enjoy going on The Alamo’s ghost tour as they are a great way to enjoy learning about the city’s history. Some believe The Alamo to be one of the most haunted sites in Texas. Learn the story of the two ghosts who may live in the hotel near the Alamo. Hear the tales of public executions, gunfights, and hangings that happened before the area surrounding The Alamo became settled.

Tour the Buckhorn Museum and the Texas Ranger Museum

Located just two blocks from The Alamo, the Buckhorn Saloon opened in 1831. This saloon is still in business, just like it was when the Battle of the Alamo was fought. Since travelers often did not have much money back then, the enterprising bar owner started letting people have their drinks by paying with antlers. That collection has grown to be the Buckhorn Museum where you can see the antlers from a 78-point white deer, a 1,056-pound black marlin and a 10,000-year-old pre-historic Irish elk. Also, at this location, you can visit the Texas Rangers Museum where you can learn about the state’s early history.

Where to Stay Near the Alamo

When you plan out your trip, you’ll want to maximize your time so you can take in the most sites and history. The Hyatt Place San Antonio-Northwest/Medical Center is popular with visitors who want to learn about the history of this area. While there are many hotels in northwest San Antonio, this hotel that is located only minutes from San Antonio International Airport and features spacious rooms, with many having adjoining workspaces, a delicious restaurant, and outstanding meeting facilities.

The Crockett Hotel, named for the famous American frontiersman who died at the Alamo, is a boutique choice located just steps from The Alamo. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for an extra kick of local flavor.

Everyone needs to visit and experience The Alamo. The site played an important role throughout Texas' history. Make your plans to come to the city now by booking your stay.

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