Monday, June 3, 2019

Endoscopic equipment: Biliary stent manufacturers

Over the past few decades interventions have been a major part of medical science and specially the biliary stent inserting for reducing blockage in duodenum to let the bile like fluids pass through and help in smooth digestion process is been a great service to mankind. Bile duct when becomes obstructed, a tube having a camera at its end, is usually sent down the throat and positioned in the affected area so that it can expand according to the need and hold the position for smooth functioning. More than thousands of people have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with placing biliary stents across the globe in recent few years.

Understanding the concept

Stets are tubular devices made up of either plastic or metals. Several medical processes like ercp or tcp need to be performed to insert the stent into the desired area of problem. This procedure is done by a doctor who specialize gastrointestinal procedures. The tube that they insert is called an internal stent. During the procedure, the patient is given sedatives so they can’t feel the pain and the throat is numbed. The flexible tube carrying the stent passes through the intestine under the surveillance of the doctor (as they can see inside by the camera upon the device) and moved into the blocked bile duct and the stent is then slid into the bile duct and adjusted successfully. Transferring the stent through the liver is another process of stent inserting.


Materials required for stent insertion includes radiopaque guide wire, stent insertion system and dilators. Guide-wire most often have a stiffer shaft and a tip to make passage of the stricture easier. Slipping during the stent exchange procedure is controlled by the guide-wires. Biliary stent manufacturers, nowadays, have come up with numerous specifications in stents like materials (Teflon, polyethylene or polyurethane or stainless steel or nickel – titanium alloy), specifications in diameter, lengths and durability. Metal stents are costly but easily can be handled but having the restrictions of removing or positioning problem. Plastic stents are budget friendly and easy to remove or re-positioned. The metal stents are though self-expanding and can be of uncovered, covered types. The length of the stent should be chosen to completely bypass the entire length of the bile duct and must allow at least 5 to 10 mm of the device both above and below. The manufacturers are keeping therefore each and every need in terms of specifications to produce biliary stents.


Many companies are manufacturing biliary stents but a little survey before going for a particular one depending upon the specification provided by either the doctor or by the medical institution is highly recommended to bear the cost and consequences after implantation of the same. Biliary stent procedure requires severe attention of the doctors and several endoscopic devices for smooth and successful procedures. Depending upon several specifications like diameter, length, material the price might get varied company-wise.


Thus, surveying for the best option and checking for endoscopy equipment price is a must do for making the treatment count.

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