Friday, July 19, 2019

3 Amazing Applications on Android for Your Pets

Do you love pets?  It is good that more and more people are getting inclined toward pets. 

Indeed, these pets are the beings that love you more than you do. 

Certainly you can take good care of them, spend quality time with them and also feel good when they are around. 

But do you really know what it feels to have a pet? Have you ever used an application foryour pet or to know more about pets?

You know it is true that owning a pet is a satisfying experience. These are basically members of the family. 

Owning a pet has not changed much in the last various years. However, technology has made it much easier. There are tons of apps out there for your beloved pets.   

There are plenty of applications that give you a flavour of pet and you fall in love with pets even more. 

And if you are wondering from where you can get the applications then 9apps is the third party play store for you. 

Hang on, before you get any confused, it would be lovely if you have a quick glance at some of the wonderful pets applications below:

1.      11pets

It is an excellent and amazing app for pet owners. It manages all of the medical data for your pet. It can include medication reminders, grooming, food tracking, ear and teeth cleaning, different types of measurements like weight and height, and, certainly, vaccinations. 

You can even get reminders for upcoming vet appointments. It keeps track of all these items and stuff so you don't have to. It has the infrequent bug, but nothing serious.   

The application is absolutely free and you can take good care of your pet in the presence of this application.

2.      APCC

It is certainly an essential app for pet owners. The application keeps a database of things that may be poisonous to your pets. It supports a number of animals, like that of birds, dogs, horses, cats, and others. 

The database encompasses hundreds of plants, household chemicals, foods (such as chocolate), medications, and various other toxins. In addition, there is even a calculator. It allows you calculate how bad you can expect a particular poisoning to be. 

You must always contact a vet if you are doubtful about your pet and you feel it has eaten something they shouldn't have. 

This app could help you figure out what it was much quicker. After all, timely identification can help your pet live longer and healthier.

3.      Chew

It is an amazing online shopping app for pet people. It brags over 1,000 brands of different items, free shipping on some orders, and even more. The platform have stuff for all types of pets, including dogs, birds, cats, fish, and others. 

The app has a better selection of food than most pet stores. You can even easily schedule shipments of stuff for when you require them.  

The application is free to use and you would have fund exploring the options for your pet. If you always wanted to have an exclusive collection of stuff for your pet but had no idea what to choose and from where, this app might come handy.


So, these pets’ applications have to be on your device if you don’t have so far. They would make your experience with your pet a lot more enjoyable, safe and happier.

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