Monday, September 9, 2019

5 Essential Oils Perfect for Reducing Your Cellulite

Maybe, you already heard this complaint from your mother, or sister about wanting to get rid of that annoying cellulite. But ever wonder what cellulite is? 
Cellulite is the bumpy and dimpled muscle that sometimes appears mostly on the buttocks, abdomen, or thighs. Up to now, the causes of cellulite are still unknown. But some of the most common reasons that people suffer from cellulite are due to:
       Poor diet
       Lack of physical activities
       Slow metabolism
       Hormone abnormalities
Don’t fret! Cellulite is not a severe health condition; it’s an appearance that can make the people conscious about themselves. Other cases are only mild that sometimes can’t be noticeable unless you look at them closely. But for severe cases, their skin looks like rumpled and bumpy excess fat.
Unfortunately, cellulite is more common in women, and many women would do everything and anything to get rid of these annoying skin problem.

Medical Procedures That Can Eliminate the Appearance of Cellulite

Since cellulite meant no harm for anybody, several doctors don’t recommend treatment for this. But for those who have severe cases, they can become very conscious about their physical appearance. Some of them might become depressed or can acquire eating disorders such as binge eating or bulimia.
If you feel that your skin looks more serious, talk to your doctor right away. A dermatologist or a plastic surgeon can help you with your problem. Some treatments can reduce the appearance of cellulite:
       Laser Treatments – utilizes infrared light and radiofrequency
       Cryolipolysis – freezes the fat cells to remove fat
       Ultrasound – uses sound wave technology to dissolved fats in the abdomen and thighs
       Weight loss – though it is not a procedure, doctors recommend this practice especially for obese people to try losing weight. This practice helps to reduce the appearance of dimpled skin.

Essentials Oils for Cellulite

Essential oils are powerful alternative medicine called aromatherapy that promotes health and wellness benefits for everybody. There are essential oils like kunzea & pure essential oil online which can be used to fight and remove cellulite on the body.
Essential oils work excellent if combined with regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and good hygiene. Below are the following essential oils perfect for removing cellulite:
       Rosemary – it can stimulate hair growth; decreased fat accumulation and improve the blood circulation
       Grapefruit – it is useful for weight loss; it can reduce cellulite appearance
    Geranium – excess fluid can make cellulite worse; using geranium essential oil can discourage fluid retention making it the perfect weapon to eliminate dimpled skin
       Lemon – it can purify the skin making it a winning formula to reduce the appearance of cellulite
       Cypress – it reduces the fluid retention that can worsen the cellulite appearance; it increases the blood flow, which improves circulation and can reduce the appearance of dimpled skin.
Dilute the essential oil on clean water before applying it to the affected area.

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