Wednesday, December 4, 2019

5 Common Mistakes Beginner MIG Welders Make & How to Avoid Them

With so many complicated factors to consider- right equipment, welding technique, filler metals, and consumables- mistakes will inevitably occur in most welding operations. As beginners, new MIG welders are meant to make mistakes. However, making mistakes and then getting away from it just by saying sorry doesn’t always work. You need to look for alternative ways to improve MIG welders’ performance and learn how to prevent them. We have listed the most straightforward guide with a list of mistakes that you need to avoid.

Mistake #1. Improper voltage

Many welders make this mistake often. They set the wrong voltage or wrong wired feed speed while welding the metal which caused an erratic arc in the metal. They don’t possess the knowledge when current to use AC or DC while using metal. Being a MIG welder, you need to know which flow of current to be used.

Mistake #2. Choosing the wrong size MIG gun

MIG gun also plays a major role in driving quality welding results. However, using a too-low or too-high amp MIG gun can unnecessarily exert an unavoidable effect on the output. Welding metal isn’t a whole day task and that‘s why using a lower amperage MIG gun or one with a lesser duty cycle on some applications consider the best option. Be mindful of the requirement of the welding project and select a MIG gun with enough duty cycle and average capacity.

Mistake #3. Overheating of consumables

Using an overheated MIG gun’s consumables can be the primary source of many problems. To prevent the best MIG welder gun from overheating, use the wire stick out, use a low amp duty cycle and set the right contact distance. Any steps that keep MIG consumables cooler will help limit the amount of vibration in the gun and reduce further issues.

Mistake #4. Selecting the wrong drive roll

Using the wrong drive roll type or set inaccurate drive roll tension can also cause an erratic weld arc. Before setting or using the drive roll, first consider the size and type of wire that need to be used and then match it to the correct drive roll. Without accurate drive roll tension, erratic feeding of fire can cause burn back or other issues.

Mistake #5. Ignoring preventive measures

Preventive measure is a frequently overlooked part of the welding operation. It is very complicated to prevent the unscheduled downtime and keeping repair costs low. A well-performed preventive measure can help to increase the best MIG welder productivity and extend the welding device life. For this, welders need to develop a regular timetable to inspect their power sources, MIG gun, and wired feeders during scheduled downtime in production.

Avoiding common MIG welding mistakes can help you get the best results. It is just as important as maintaining the condition of MIG Gun and consumables intact. MIG welding is one of the most natural techniques of welding for beginners. Having the proper knowledge on avoiding pitfalls and hands over the right MIG device can help you get the most accurate welding results.

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