Monday, January 13, 2020

8 types of scarves that are in fashion this season

The expected winter season arrives and January does not end yet, hugging us with a so cold atmosphere that it requires us to prepare the warmest outfits, and this implies not forgetting the warm accessories such as scarves. That is why today we bring you the most beautiful types of wholesale scarves to survive this cold period with a lot of style on any occasion, we begin!

1. Cotton Hijab Style Scarves

To start with this catalog of types of beautiful scarves, Hijab style scarf designed with hood. If you belong to Islamic religion, you can wear it in winters, it is a style that you can use with both casual and formal looks, they are really practical and comfortable.

2. Yalk Wool Melange Scarves

This scarf design is one of the most practical, because you just put your head and now, another great thing is that these models are wide enough to cover both your neck and part of your chest and neck, there are also thousands of designs great!

3. Head scarf

This casual scarf style comes so that you feel a very beautiful and very warm like "little red riding hood", it is very cool because you only subject it to your measure with some ribbons and voila!, you are already are protected from the cold not only in your little neck, but in the part of all your torso and even of the head, if the model brings hat.

4. Pashmina Scarf

There is no girl who does not fall in love with scarves made with Pashmina, and they have a natural charm, besides there is no fault, they warm you because they are made with pure Pashmina! These scarves should not be missing in your wardrobe; there are lots of lovely designs that will add all the style on any occasion, guaranteed.

6. Arafat Scarf

This simple design is one of the favorites because of its practicality and because it makes you look charming, they are called Arafat Scarf because just a fall that gives them the shape basically referred to Arabic nation and originated from Yemen, their style perfectly complement any casual outfit in these Holidays and cold days.

7. Crochet Scarf.

For those who suffer because they are always cold and some of the parts that are most frozen are the hands, these scarves will be indicated, they are really bulky and it is a design that adds pockets to warm your hands or, if you prefer, to store your wallet, telephone, etc. Good allies for a casual outfit.
8. Marino Wool Scarf.

We continue with a scarf style very similar to the closed thick scarf model, only that they are called a Marino wool scarf because they are manufactured with real Marino wool. It is perfect if you want to buy scarves in Bulk. This model does not only cover your neck, it also covers your shoulders and that is appreciated by thousands of people.

Every Scarf has its own specialty, origin, design and characteristics but it depends on you and your lifestyle which one you select for your own style. So, be bold, be beautiful, be you always!

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