Friday, February 14, 2020

Top 5 Ancient Myths You Should Know

History has always been a subject of great interest and curiosity for many. It is quite fascinating to explore and know more about what has happened in the past when our great grand ancestors ever survived on this planet. There are so many aspects related to history that you may feel lost in the vast sea of history. Ancient myths are also an important and indispensable part of history. While exploring Ancient History, you would definitely come across various myths that have prevailed in the historical times. Let us now have a look at some of these ancient myths.

Phaethon and Global Warming
This famous and most popular myth is perhaps apt to explain climate change and global warming. Phaethon was the son of the God Helios who went on to prove his father by driving the sun chariot all across the sky. Due to uncontrolled driving of this chariot by the proud Phaethon, it is believed that natural calamities took place and ultimately resulted in global warming.
Hercules and the 12 Healing Labours
Again it is a popular myth that prevailed in ancient times. It explained the concept of punishment and penance at that time. Hercules who was one of the sons of the Zeus is known to assassinate his wife and sleeping children due to loss of his mental balance. Consequently, he was punished harshly by the Goddess Hera. This myth explained well that even a respectful person must be punished upon doing something wrong.
Looking Back is Prohibited
This ancient myth is related to the Orpheus who lost his wife Eurydice to the underworld due to her death caused by snake bite. It is believed that he was somehow successful in getting his wife back from the God of Death on the condition that he won’t look back while taking his wife away from the other world. Due to non-fulfilment of his promise, he again lost his wife.
Cheating the Inevitable Death
It is believed that an evil man named Sisyphus was so smart that he could cheat even death and escape from the underworld. He tricked death and trapped it in his home. Eventually, he was punished by the Gods quite harshly for all his sins and also for cheating and tricking death twice.
The Myth of the Deliverance of All Evil on Earth
As per this myth, the very first woman named Pandora created by the Gods is held responsible for the transference of all the evil to the earth. It happened due to her opening the jar containing all the evil and suffering.
Knowing about these ancient myths may surely fascinate you being passionate about various aspects of history. It may certainly give you an idea about what type of myths ancient people actually believed in.

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