Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Wooden Pizza Peel vs. Metal Pizza Peel: Which is better?

To make that irresistible and delicious pizza with a well-cooked bottom, one needs to have some aid to load that pizza into the oven. That is where the pizza peel becomes a great help. It looks like a giant spatula with a long handle that is equipped with a flat paddle for taking out pizza from the ovens.

The common 2 types of peels found are the wooden pizza peel and the metal pizza peel. This article is all about finding the best peel out there.

Wooden Pizza Peel

Generally, the uncooked dough used for making pizza can stick to the peel. So to prevent this from happening, wood is the best material that can be used for the peel. This is essential if the toppings in the pizza are not to be disturbed. It would be disappointing if the beloved topping dropped all over from the pizza. Additionally, the wooden peel gives a rustic appeal. The storage and maintenance of the wood peel should be properly done for it to last a long time.

After washing and before storing them away, always make sure they are air-dried. An alternative to washing is to rub the surface with white vinegar, which acts as a disinfectant and also removes tough stains. Never try to use the wooden pizza peel as a cutting board since it can leave scratches and the pizza cannot slide with ease. Some people rub mineral oil on the wooden surface of the peel. The truth is that it is unnecessary and can be safely used.

There is no need to seal the wooden peel. When using the raw peel, make sure to dust it with either cornmeal or flour. This helps to slide the raw dough easily.

The biggest con of using wooden pizza peels is that they are thick. The thickness is given because it can prevent burning easily. But it becomes difficult to use when half-cooked pies are rotated and fully cooked ones need to be retrieved.

Metal Pizza Peel

For metal pizza peels, the most commonly used material is aluminum. When compared to the wooden peels, the metal peels are easy to clean, durable, and easy to use. Since it is completely made out of metal, it requires no high maintenance. No unwanted stains or odors can be here because a metal peel cannot absorb anything. Another advantage is that the metal blades are really thin, which can easily go under the pizza to either rotate, move, and retrieve it from the oven. But it is not a good option for keeping the raw dough into the oven because the raw dough can easily stick to the metal surface when compared to the wooden peels.

Final verdict

The truth is that both are needed to make that special pizza for satisfying the pizza cravings. The wooden pizza peel should be used for assembling and launching the pizza into the oven, and the metal pizza peel can be used for retrieving and moving the pizza inside the oven.

No matter what the peel is used, make sure it is the correct size for the pizza stone and also should have a handle that is comfortable to use.

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