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Why Couple Prefers Black Diamond Engagement Rings?

Engagement rings are significant for a newly married couple. Engagement rings should be top priority. The modern couple nowadays goes for various types of engagement rings rather than traditional ones; they believe in beauty and romance. The black stone has become a trend in engagement ring selection. Couples go for trending bracelets rather than the old collection.

Black diamond engagement rings have become a trend nowadays; we all know that various demands of rings have different shades. Few people have needs for diamonds, but very few go for stone other than diamonds. The price for diamonds is very high, so it does not become possible for all to get a rock due to the budgetary issue. If you are looking for a different engagement ring, you should go for the fantastic beautiful black diamond engagement ring. With the factor of their enhancing features of looks and beauty within the marital society, celebrities, or fashion industry, these stones have a beautiful effect that takes the attention and is the eye of the observers.

How the craze for Black Diamond Increased

The black engagement rings was not in demand prior, but in 2002 the movie named sex in the city there was flaunting of black stone by the famous Hollywood celebrities. Later in the year's research stated that black diamonds could be a good substitute for diamonds. Apart from their mesmerizing looks and unique features, black diamonds have taken a good post in the fashion industries and amongst celebrities. The craze for the black diamond has increased more because of the stars used black diamond with a transparent gem. You can flaunt the black diamond in your pretty hands.

Black diamond engagement rings are best for the newlywed couples,standing differently in the crowd, making it a huge difference and a show stopper. The black engagement ring is classy, graceful, and sophisticated in their way.

It would be best if you were confused about whether to choose a black diamond as an engagement ring or not. The black diamonds have a fantastic look and have varieties for your better fit, depending upon your taste.

Why To Choose Black Diamond ?

Black diamonds are one of the best choices as engagement ring stones due to the various reasons.

1.      Subtle contrast:- This is a classic gold diamond ring for engagement with diamonds surrounding the ring. The white diamond in the middle with bends of black diamonds all around gives it a unique look.
2.      Transparency with dark epicenter:- This ring is different from others, the black shaded circle is in the middle with two-layer bends all around the center of the black diamond. The curve of the ring is  by a combination of black and white diamonds giving a classy look.
3.      Gentle accent:- This is a unique ring with the combination of black and white diamonds, featuring long white diamonds all around the ring with the diamond in the center. The cut of diamond is such that it gives a heritage or vintage look to the ring, with the diamonds at the side of rings.
4.      Delicate frame:- The structure of this ring is fantastic. The colorless diamond is placed in the middle with the black diamonds by the side of the white diamond.

Black diamond is also known as Carbonado, is becoming more common nowadays and is high in demand in the jewelry industry. In film industries as compared to the white diamond, a black diamond is softer and needs proper care as they tend to get more scratches. Annually twice, you will have to do in-depth cleaning of the stone. You will have to keep the black stone separately, so it does not get scratches as hands tend to move and bump into various things.

There are many soft stones which are the best alternative for the diamond; they are less expensive and have a variety of shades that will fulfill the needs of the engagement or any other special occasion. Black diamonds tend to be unique and eye-catching when added to any other jewelry.

Which type of Black Diamond is pricier?

There are many types of black diamonds available in the market, which is human made, naturally occurred, or treated black diamonds.  The natural diamond is treated as dry by the pieces of jewelry, and this means that the diamond created typically are impure form polycrystalline diamond. The black diamond consists of graphite, amorphous carbon, and diamond, making it different from others, unique and giving a dark shade. If compared, a similar white diamond is a solid form of carbon material.

The color of diamonds can be pink, blue, orange, or green; the color may vary when taken into the formation, and in after formation process when exposed, then the difference is seen. The black diamond has various types of shades, and these shades are distributed in multiple gemstones, making it a dark stone to the eye of the customers. When these minerals are included in the black diamond, it makes the hardest one to cut and give different shapes. Too much pressure for cutting and polishing the black diamond can lead to a fracture of the stone. The black diamond is used for industries also as they are hard.

Availability of Black Diamond

Many people have this misconception that the black diamond is very rare to find and difficult to mine, but few very know that this is just a misconception. Miners have stated that black diamond is easily found than the pink and yellow diamonds. The black diamonds are sourced fromBrazil and now Center of African republic.

In the beginning, the black diamond looks like dark grey shade, and the size in the initial level is pea-shaped. It is used with different gemstones for a great outlook. They provide a fantastic contrast with the gems; if the black diamond is paired with white gold, the combination is deadly and is eye-catching.


Black diamond engagement ringsare very favorable due to its shining black color. If you like the same and if the black color amuses you, go for black diamond ring on your wedding.

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