Friday, September 4, 2020

Do laser printers copy and scan?

The laser printer produces a very high quality of text and graphics through laser light. It uses an electrostatic digital printing method for printing. Therefore, it is also known as Multifunction printers.

Advantages of a multi-function printer

The following are the advantages of a multi-function printer. 


Buying a scanner, copier, printer, and fax separately are costlier than buying a multi-function printer. Check here list for affordable printers available in India.

Saves Space:

As the multifunctional printer contains all-in-one, there is less need for space. Imagine keeping copier, scanner, printer, and fax machine on your table rather than keeping one machine with all the above facilities. 


A multifunctional printer is very easy to operate and handle in one machine. It saves time and money.

Saving Energy:

A multifunctional printer requires less power consumption than individual machines. 

Things to consider while buying a laser printer

The following are the things to consider while purchasing a laser printer:


Look for a laser printer with multifunctional uses such as a printer, copier, scanner, and fax. Apart from the above functions, the functionalities such as printing from USB, scanning to USB, and scanning using a cloud network will be added advantage.

Color or monochrome:

Depending on the requirement, select a printer with color or monochrome. Go for a color printer only if you need it for your requirement. 

Ease to use:

Look for a printer that requires a minimum of knowledge to handle and convenient to use. The touchscreen display would be very easy to navigate to the menus.

Paper handling:

Paper handling is a major task in an office environment. No one will be interested in filling the papers in the tray. Therefore, select a multifunctional printer that has an additional tray.


For an office environment, Ethernet connectivity is required to perform activities such as scanning, copier, printer, or faxing. Likewise, wireless connectivity support is also required. Look for the suitable connectivity as per your requirement. 

Power consumption:

Consider the power consumption before purchasing a model. Look for a printer with deep sleep mode. Calculate the power consumption units on printing.


When you look out for a bigger printer, note the noise emission of the printer. Few models mention the noise emission with decibels. 

Ease to install:

Consider the installation process for the printer. You may sometimes need assistance to install the machine. Get to know the installation of cartridge and fixing out the paper jam issue.

Toner cost:

Consider the toner cost of the printer when refilling. Look for a printer with high yield cartridge by checking the number of pages it can print.

The multi-function printers are effective printers that perform functions of many separate machines. Even though they have many advantages, they too have few disadvantages. A cartridge or problem with toner may stop the entire functions of the machine. You may need to solve the issue and then only can process further. Overall, investing in a multi-function printer is the best option rather than buying each separately to utilize space, money, and energy.

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