Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Engine Oil And Why Your BMW Car Needs It


Your BMW might be often called, ‘a computer-on-wheels’ and you shouldn’t feel bad about it because a typical BMW is indeed packed with electronic equipment, technology and sensors but, you should not forget that, in the end, it is still a car – an electro-mechanical device.

As per the simple words put forth by a BMW-certified mechanic offering BMW Perth service, cars run on engines, well they do have a lot of mechanical parts that move at high speeds in order to move the vehicle. Now mechanical parts, when coming in contact with one another, generate heat as a by-product of friction. To keep the engine lubricated, engine oil is introduced into the mix.

So what does engine oil do for your BMW car?

Well, as mentioned earlier, engine oil acts as a lubricant that not only keeps the moving parts lubricated, it also keeps the inside of the engine a tad bit cooler thus making the job of the car’s engine cooling system a little bit easier.

Engine oil also helps in the prevention of excessive mechanical wear suffered by the moving parts inside your BMW’s engine all the while keeping them clean and safe from corrosion.

The engine oil is passed through the engine oil filter which will filter out the contaminants in the same and cycle clean engine oil once again through the engine.

With time, the engine oil filter will fail to remove all the contaminants from the engine oil as the latter has become saturated with impurities, thus indicating that it is time for an engine oil change from an authorised BMW servicing centre.

How often will you BMW need an oil change?

As per the official website of BMW, the engineers working at the company emphasises that owners take their car for an engine oil and engine oil filter change after every 10,000 miles (16000 KM) or a year (12 months), whichever comes first.

However, this frequency can also vary depending on the way you drive your car and/or the overall condition of the place where the car is being driven or parked.

For instance, if you live in proximity to the Australian Outback, it is evident that your BMW will be subjected to harsh roads and driving conditions; even if you don't want to.

If this is the case with your BMW, be sure to take her to a certified BMW-mechanic and have her engine oil and engine oil filter changed after every three to six months.

Changing the engine oil of your BMW will ensure that it will last long. If you fail to change the engine oil of your BMW on time, impurities and dirt will build-up inside the engine that will ultimately cause irreversible damage to your car. The damages sustained by the engine will be affecting its performance, mileage and overall efficiency. All of this would cost a lot of money and time to resolve but you can avoid these scenarios if you take your car to a certified BMW mechanic, for its scheduled engine oil change, without fail.

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