Thursday, February 18, 2021

Tattoos You May Get on Valentine’s Day for Your Beloved

With Valentine’s Day in the corner, you can certainly feel the love everywhere, right? It does not seem fair to deprive your body. Yes, you may take your beloved out for lunch to a fancy restaurant or purchase expensive gifts, but nothing screams ‘I love you more than anything in the world’ than a tattoo. It shows you do not shy away from commitment and ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Inking the name of your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or the anniversary date is too cliché. Opt for something unique that also exude multiple sentiments such as passion, trust, devotion, friendship, faith, aspiration, and hope. To know about the themes on-demand, please go through the rest of the discussion now.

1.      Endless Heart

When one contemplates about love, the first image that pops in their mind is that of a heart. Many couples get a heart within the infinity symbol. It represents their endless or eternal love for each other.

The best thing about a heart tattoo is that it can extend your love not only to your partner but also to God. Just incorporate an angel, angel wings, or a cross.

2.      Cupid

The experts keeping tattoo price Philippines low said cupid is perhaps the most renowned symbol of love. Cupid carries a bow and arrow, and it is believed that whoever he shoots with the arrow falls in love.

You can carve the name of your partner at the end of the arrow to prove that you fell in love with him/her.

3.      Lily

Lilies represent love in several cultures all across the globe. You can add your own personal touch by adding symbols that your partner loves the most. You can also add stars, heart, musical notes, and butterflies since they are quite romantic.

4.      Lock and Key

Almost everyone is aware of the famous adage, ‘You own the key to my heart.’ One can portray this saying through a lock and key tattoo. The lock can be in the shape of a heart, and the key can have the full name or the initials of their partner.

A lock and key tattoo have gained immense recognition since they feature a vibrant colour palette.

5.      Rose

Almost all the flowers signify compassion and love in some way. But, a red rose is outright unmatchable. The rose can be amalgamated with symbols that you and your partner love about one another. The symbols can either be inscribed on the petals or act as lines delineating the flower.

6.      Heartbeat

Finally, yet importantly, a heartbeat tattoo is the best Valentine’s gift ever. When you incorporate the name of your beloved or even the word ‘you’ within the heartbeat, you show that your heartbeat, or in other words, your life belongs to him/her. Now isn’t that romantic?

Have you decided on the theme? If yes, it is now time to choose someone efficient – someone who will be able to materialise your vision for an affordable price. The experts offering the best tattoo in the Philippines are quite popular. They charge their clients reasonably, customise designs as per their expectations, and adhere to the internationally recognised hygiene standards.

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