Tuesday, January 7, 2020

How to Buy or Recharge FASTags Online and Offline?

There are more than 6,000 FASTag lanes across India. FASTag was institutionalised in 2014 and further bolstered in the year 2016 with the introduction of National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) by NHAI. Since 2017, these instruments are accepted pan India. In the current Financial Year, 25% of the total toll revenue in India is on account of FASTags.

In a recent announcement made by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, individuals need to possess a FASTag for car to pass the concerned toll booths. In the event, an individual is not carrying such an instrument they will be required to pay double the toll fee as penalty through cash.

In the event, an individual does not possess adequate balance to pay toll fee in their FASTag-linked prepaid accounts, they will need to pay such fee through cash. It also results in the card getting blacklisted at the respective toll plaza, prohibiting such individual from availing any NETC benefits. 

How to buy a FASTag?

You can purchase a FASTag online or offline from authorised financial institutions. In order to get a FASTag, you need to make a maximum payment of Rs.200 to the issuing financial institution.

1. Offline purchase

There are approximately 28,000 portals set up by such authorised institutions for offline purchases. You can visit any of these portals to open a NETC account and avail a FASTag.

You must carry your original documents, driving license, and the registration certificate of your vehicle to apply for a FASTag for a car.

2. Online purchase

You can apply online from any of the issuing institutions' official website or mobile application. Recently Amazon was taken on board as an authorised organisation to provide FAStags. You can apply through it or through other issuing bodies’ online portals.

After visiting any such website, follow the steps mentioned below to apply online for a FASTag card –
Step1.                Search for “Apply for FASTag” or “Get FASTag” on the homepage.
Step2.                Provide your mobile number to generate a one-time password (OTP.)
Step3.                Enter such OTP in the designated field and click on “Submit.”
Step4.               Furnish your personal details which include your name, email address, type of vehicle, registration number of your vehicle, etc.
Step5.                Attach documents pertinent to you and your vehicle and click on “Submit.”

Once you have concluded filling the application form and uploaded necessary documents, you will be taken to a payment gateway. After your payment is successful, you will be provided with a payment receipt and a FASTag receipt on your device.

A FASTag card is independent of the financial institution issuing it. The toll charges will be automatically deducted from linked account.

Once you have availed such a card, you will need to activate it. To activate FASTag for your vehicle, you will need to download its official app, which is available on both Android and Apple platforms.

In the app, you need to provide your vehicular details for which you have bought the card. Subsequently, you will be required to link it with one of your existing savings account or with any other prepaid accounts such as mobile wallets. You can also link it with NHAI wallet, which will be there in the app itself.

Once your card is linked with the FASTag, it will be activated. Thereon, toll fees will be deducted from such savings or prepaid account when you pass a booth, without having to stop.

How to recharge a FASTag in India?

In case it is linked with a savings account, there is no need to recharge your card. Ensure such account possesses adequate balance to meet toll fees.

In the case it is linked with a mobile wallet or NHAI wallet, you will need to recharge such accounts through NEFT, Net banking, a credit card, or a debit card.

When using FASTag for a car to pay toll fees, you are also entitled to a certain discount up to a certain percentage of FASTag charges. Additionally, this technology helps save time as well as fuel.

Apply for a FASTag sticker if you are planning a road trip to Ladakh. Also, make sure you purchase a Leh Ladakh Road Trip Cover for comprehensive financial protection against various mishaps.

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